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D1 Durable Labels

D1 Durable Labels


When confronted with challenging surfaces, use a label that’s tougher and lasts longer than paper labels. DYMO D1 Durable labels feature industrial-strength adhesive and resist fading, peeling and abrasion due to light, heat, moisture and household cleaners. Dymo D1 Durable labels are perfect for kitchens, garages, storage cupboards and more.

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Best for:
Files & Binders
Assets & Barcoding
Wires & Cables
Supplies Storage
Home Organisation
Heat/Cold Resistant
UV Resistant
Water Resistant
Industrial strength adhesive helps to ensure labels stay stuck to a variety of surfaces
Scratch and tear resistant material helps ensure text stays legible
Labels are perfect for mugs, water bottles and food storage containers
Ideal for labelling kitchens, pantries, utility cupboards, laundry rooms, workshops or garage
Indoor/outdoor water-resistant design withstands UV light, heat, humidity, household cleaners and near freezing conditions