RhinoTM Industrial 4200

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The RhinoTM Industrial 4200 gets labeling jobs done fast - and done right. Easily navigate the familiar QWERTY keyboard. Use one-touch "Hot Key" shortcuts to quickly create and format wire/cable wraps, flags, fixed-length labels and more. Print labels up to 3/4" wide in a variety of materials and colors - PLUS print directly on heat-shrink tubes.

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Best for:

Assets & Barcoding
Facilities & MRO
Wires & Cables
Cable Flag
Familiar computer-style QWERTY keyboard for fast and easy text entry
One-Touch "Hot Keys" provide shortcuts for creating and formatting wire/cable wraps, flags, Code 39 and Code 128 bar codes, fixed-length, general and breaker labels
"Favorites" key provides single-key access to your most commonly used labels, symbols and terms
Avoid repeated steps with the "Custom" key - customize and save settings for individual label formats
Pre-programmed library with 150 symbols and terms for security, electrical, pro A/V, and facilities management
Integrated rubber bumpers help prevent damage from accidental drops and falls
Large back-lit display is easy to read, even in dimly-lit work areas
Prints 57% faster than the competition*
*Based on independent testing of Rhino 4200 vs. Brother PT-1400 and Brother PT-7100 in default settings

Package includes:

Rhino Industrial 4200 Label Maker
1/2" White IND Vinyl Label Cartridge
Quick Reference Guide

Warranty Information:

1-Year Limited Warranty

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For general labeling or extreme conditions


For general labeling or extreme conditions


For general labeling or extreme conditions

RhinoTM Industrial 4200 Accessories

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Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

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Rhino Industrial 4200 Overview Video

Rhino Industrial 4200: How to use the "Custom" Key

Rhino Industrial 4200: How to use the "Favorites" Key

Rhino Industrial 4200: How to use the Rotate "Hot Key"

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Assets & Barcoding
Assets & Barcoding

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