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    Which LabelWriter printers can be used to print postage?

    The LabelWriter 400 Turbo, LabelWriter 450 Turbo, LabelWriter Duo, LabelWriter 450 Duo, LabelWriter Twin Turbo and LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo.

    DYMO LabelWriter 330, LabelWriter 330 Turbo, LabelWriter 400, LabelWriter 400 Turbo, LabelWriter Duo and LabelWriter Twin Turbo.

    Can I install multiple LabelWriter printers on the same computer?

    Yes, you can install multiple LabelWriter printers on the same computer. Both Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7 and Macintosh OS 10.3 - OS 10.7 support multiple installations of the LabelWriter.

    Why is the light on the front of my LabelWriter blinking?

    There are 5 possible reasons for this: the labels are not left-justified, there is paper dust or a piece of a label blocking the sensor, the labels you are using do not have the index marks properly cut out between each label, you are not using DYMO labels or the photo sensor that reads the index mark has failed. If the latter is the case, please contact Technical Support.

    All LabelWriter 400 and 450 series printers are USB 2.0 compliant.

    Can alkaline batteries be used with the Rhino 6000?

    The Rhino 6000 uses a motorized cutter which requires a reliable power source. DYMO recommends the use of alkaline batteries only as a backup option. Not all alkaline batteries are created equal - therefore they may not be a reliable source of power.

    How do I clean the cutter blade of the LabelManager 450?

    Turn off the unit by pressing the On/Off button at the top left of the keyboard. Press the Cut key on the keypad and while holding the Cut key press the On/Off key till the Cut Test" message appears on the display. The Cut key is indicated by a pair of scissors. Press the Shift button and while holding the Shift key press the Cut key repeatedly until the cutter blade is fully exposed. Once the cutter blade is fully exposed, use a cotton bud and a solvent (rubbing alcohol) to clean both sides of the cutter blade."

    How long does it take to charge my LabelManager 420P?

    The LabelManager 420P requires a maximum time of 6 hours to fully charge from empty to full. The battery is fully charged when a voltage level of 8.4V is reached. When this voltage is reached, the battery indicator will show a solid bar.

    Is the LabelManager PnP compatible with Power PC Macs?

    The LabelManager PnP is not compatible with Power PC Macs.

    Is the LabelManager 420P compatible with Power PC Macs?

    The LabelManager 420P is not compatible with Power PC Macs.

    How do I update the firmware on my LabelManager 500TS?

    Open the LabelManager 500TS Updater software. Connect your LabelManager 500TS to its USB cable. Select the Update button on LabelManager 500TS Updater. Once the update is complete, hold the Power Button on the LabelManager 500TS for 5 seconds to completely power off the unit, then power it on to begin printing labels.

    How do I clear the text from my LabelManager 160?

    To clear text from the LabelManager 160 screen, press and hold the back button and the text will quickly clear from the screen.

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