Meet standards. Exceed expectations.

When you label your Datacom installations in compliance with the ANSI/TIA-606B standard, you provide protection for your customer's investment – and you enhance your professional reputation as an installer. DYMO Rhino™ industrial labelling products let you sign your work with TIA-606B compliant labels in less time, and for a much lower cost than other industrial labelling solutions.

Al Feaster, RCDD

Meet DYMO's Datacom expert and accredited trainer with more than 30 years of experience in the industry.


TIA-606B: Best practice, better business

The Telecommunications Industry Association TIA-606B standard, adopted in 2012, defines a labeling standard that maps each cable in an installation precisely to the floor, telecom room, and patch panel position or block where the cable terminates.


Compliant labelling made fast and easy

Exclusive DYMO RhinoTM innovations take the repeated keystrokes, the guesswork, and the frustration out of Datacom labelling.


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