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LabelManager<sup>™</sup> 450D

LabelManager 450D

SKU: 18126

Veteran organizers in the business or corporate arena have come to rely on the unparalleled functionality offered by the LabelManager<sup>™</sup> 450D. By itself, it's a professional label maker with dozens of label printing options. Connected to your PC or Mac<sup>®</sup>*, it opens up a whole new world of labeling possibilities – like the ability to import graphics, logos and typefaces for enhanced customization. Plus, built-in memory recalls ten labels, ten label formats and the last 15 labels used for added convenience and efficiency.


Best for:
Files & Binders
Assets & Barcoding
Facilities & MRO
Create customized labels with or without your computer
Recall up to 10 labels, 10 label formats and the last 15 labels used with built-in memory
Print up to 5 lines per label
Preview labels before printing with the extra-large 16-character display
Edit on screen or customize labels with logos, graphics and typefaces on your computer through PC or Mac®* connection
*Compatible with Windows® 7 or later and Mac OS® X v10.8 or later.
*Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Mac and OS X are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
Package includes
LabelManager 450D Label Maker
D1 Starter Label Cassette, Black on White 3/4" x 10'
6 AA Batteries
AC Adapter
USB Cable
Quick Reference Guide
1-Year Limited Warranty Card
Warranty Information:
1-Year Limited Warranty

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Applications & Tips


Files & Binders
Assets & Barcoding
Facilities & MRO


User Manuals & Product Sheets
Drivers & Downloads
How do I uninstall and reinstall the USB drivers for the LabelManager 450D?
The LWRemove utility is provided by DYMO to uninstall DYMO printer drivers in Windows. The LWRemove utility will only uninstall DYMO printer drivers, it has no effect on any other installed printers. After the DYMO printer drivers have been uninstalled, Windows will attempt to reinstall the drivers once the printer is reconnected to the USB port on your computer.
How do I clean the cutter blade of the LabelManager 450?
Turn off the unit by pressing the On/Off button at the top left of the keyboard. Press the Cut key on the keypad and while holding the Cut key press the On/Off key till the Cut Test" message appears on the display. The Cut key is indicated by a pair of scissors. Press the Shift button and while holding the Shift key press the Cut key repeatedly until the cutter blade is fully exposed. Once the cutter blade is fully exposed, use a cotton bud and a solvent (rubbing alcohol) to clean both sides of the cutter blade."