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    • Some LabelWriter printers manufactured after April 1, 2014 will not properly install on Windows® 7 PCs when attached to a USB 3.0 port. DYMO has developed an update that will fix this problem on these printers. For assistance, please click here to determine if you have an affected machine and install the fix or call DYMO Customer Service Support at 1-877-724-8324. Hours of operation are from Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm (EST).

    • Why is the ink ribbon coming out with my D1 tape when I print a label?

      There may be slack with the ink ribbon in the tape cassette. Remove the tape cassette from the label maker and make sure that the inking ribbon is tight. If the ribbon is not tight then tighten it by turning the black spool in the cassette clockwise until the ink ribbon is tight against the label tape. The ink ribbon in the tape cassette may also be broken or severed. Replace the tape cassette if that is the case.

    • Can I pay extra to get my custom label order rushed?

      You can call and ask that the label order be flagged 'Rush' which will help our production manager in scheduling jobs. However, since there is no fee for Rush status, jobs are not guaranteed to be shipped out any sooner then 10-15 days.

    • How quickly can I get my custom labels?

      Your order will take 10 -15 business days in production once we have received your approval on all artwork and your agreement to move into production, along with credit card and all other relevant information to process your order. Upon completion, your order will be shipped to the Ship To" address supplied to us, via Fed Ex ground, unless you specify a preferred carrier and account number to use. "

    • Can I use florescent or metallic ink on my custom labels?

      Yes but not for flood-coating purposes.Fluorescent or metallic inks can be used on areas of the label where the LabelWriter will not be printing over.

    • Will I get to see a sample of my custom label before it goes into production?

      You will receive a PDF proof file via email for your approval. Once we receive your reply email confirming the artwork meets your expectations, the label will be made, as is, from the proof.

    • Can I get billed for my Custom Labels order?

      We require a credit card (VISA, Master Card, Amex or Discover) at the time the order is placed. When the label order is being processed, a credit card pre-authorization is done to confirm that the funds are available and an authorization number is given by the credit card company. If there is a daily/weekly/monthly transaction limit on your credit card, like some corporations impose, the card may be declined if the pre-authorization exceeds the limit. The actual charge transaction will not occur on the credit card until the label order has shipped and the quantity of rolls verified, so that the credit card can be charged accurately and include all shipping charges and taxes as well.

    • Do you make custom size and/or shape labels?

      DYMO offers a large selection of custom sized labels as well as a variety of specialty sized and shaped labels. The labels can be sized to a maximum width of 2.5 (or 4" if using a 4XL LabelWriter printer) and a maximum length of 9.75"."

    • Can I get a label pre-printed?

      You can select a blank label, or your DYMO custom labels can be preprinted with your own color graphics/logo. Designed Labels: Provide your own camera-ready artwork, along with information on the artwork placement on the label and color selection (see details regarding color below) and a proof of the layout will be provided for approval prior to printing. Watermark Labels: Provide your own camera-ready artwork and color selection (only on Pantone? Color can be used for watermark logos) and a proof of the layout will be provided for approval prior to printing. Flood-Coated Labels: Supply the one Pantone? Color that the flood-coated background will be printed in; no proofs are provided for flood-coated labels. If you need assistance with your artwork, DYMO can create camera-ready artwork for you at an average of $250. Artwork/Graphic Specifications: Please provide camera-ready artwork for printing: Illustrator.eps (V 6.0+) vector-based file (with Pantone? Colors or CMYK included); OR Photoshop.psd (layered) file; OR high resolution/printer quantity PDF file. Acceptable Software Adobe? Illustrator, Photoshop?, InDesign? and Acrobat?, Macromedia?, Freehand, Quark Xpress?

    • What type of label customization do you offer?

      If you have a unique application that requires labels with special properties, DYMO can help. Any of DYMO's standard size labels can be ordered with special properties. DYMO can also make custom labels to fit your needs.

    • DYMO's One-Day Self-Expiring Security Stickers come in two parts. The front part" labels are marked with the letter 'V'. The "back part" labels are marked with a grid of crossing lines. To use a Security Sticker (and start the one-day expiration process), peel off a "front part" label and place it on top of a "back part" label. After 24 hours, the grid from the "back part" label will bleed completely through and become highly visible, obscuring the letter 'V' on the "front part" label. "

    • How do I use the LetraTag Iron-On Fabric Labels?

      Insert the iron-on label cassette into the LetraTag. Input desired text, print your label, and remove carbon from the front of the label. Set dry iron on medium high temperature (290ø to 370ø F, or 130ø to 170ø C). Remove any wrinkles from fabric by ironing the section where you want to place the label. Place the label on the fabric. Cover with cloth (preferably cotton) and press the iron on the label for 10 seconds. Be careful not to move the iron as this may dislodge the label from its position. Repeat 3 times with a focus on the label corners, allowing sufficient cooling between each repetition.