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    • Some LabelWriter printers manufactured after April 1, 2014 will not properly install on Windows® 7 PCs when attached to a USB 3.0 port. DYMO has developed an update that will fix this problem on these printers. For assistance, please click here to determine if you have an affected machine and install the fix or call DYMO Customer Service Support at 1-877-724-8324. Hours of operation are from Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm (EST).

    • I have just installed a new version of DYMO Label Software (version 6 or higher). Where are my old address lists?

      The installation process for DYMO Label Software (DLS), version 6 and higher, does not delete any pre-existing address list data. It creates a new folder calledAddress Books, and leaves the old folder (called List Files ) intact. The List Files folder can be found in the DYMO Label folder by default. To find your old address lists, follow these steps:Launch the new version of DLS (6 or higher ). Click on the Address Book menu option and select Open. The Open Address Book dialog box should now be displayed. In the dropdown menu of this dialog box, select the DYMO Label folder. You will now see the original folder named List Files. Double-click this folder to see and open your old lists. To make the List Files folder your default Address Book folder, follow these steps: From the main DLS screen, click on the Edit tab and select Preferences. Click on Folder Settings. Next to Address Book Folder, click Browse. Locate the List Files folder and click on it. Click on OK to save the changes, and OK to exit.

    • How do I install the DYMO add-in for ACT?

      DYMO Label software (DLS) is compatible with U.S. installations of ACT! 5/2000, ACT! 6, and ACT! 2005 -2010. The add-in for ACT! is installed automatically by DLS. After installing DLS, a Print DYMO Label will appear in the Tools menu of ACT!

    • How do I print from Microsoft Access to a LabelWriter?

      Using DYMO Label Software, you can quickly print mailing labels from a number of standard database formats including Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, text files, and Universal Data Links (UDL). Database information can be inserted into a Text, Address, or Barcode object. If you have more than one Address, Text, or Barcode object on your label, you can select the fields to insert in each of the available objects.

    • How do I insert a graphic on a label using DYMO Label Software?

      DYMO Label Software comes with many pre-defined, customizable label templates. You can either open a label template that contains a graphic object or use the designer to place a graphic object on a label. To change the image that appears within the graphic object: Double click on the graphic object/image that appears on the label template. A dialog box will appear. Select the graphic/image you'd like to appear on the label and click OK. For best results when you import a graphic, make sure the graphic you are importing is close to the size of the graphic that will appear on the label. For example, if you want to print your company logo on a shipping label, do not import this logo using a graphic that is 5 x 7 inches. Use black and white graphics whenever possible.

    • How do I export contacts stored in the DYMO Label Software Address Book?

      Open DYMO Label Software. Click Address Book and select Open. Open the address or data list file you want to export. Click Address Book and select Export. Choose where you want the file to be exported to and the name of the file once it is exported. ClickSave. Note: When you export data from your DLS, each entry is exported as a single record and each line of data as a single field.

    • How do I import contact information into the DYMO Label Software Address Book?

      For importing into DYMO Label Software v8: Create a new Address Book or open the Address Book you want to import data into. Choose Import from the Address Book menu. The Address Book Import Wizard starts. Follow the instructions in the Address Book Import Wizard. When finished, click Import. The data is imported into the open Address Book and displayed in the address list.

    • Can I print to aLabelWriter that is connected to another Mac OS X based computer on the network?

      First, verify that the LabelWriter has been added to the printer list on the local workstation (the workstation where the LabelWriter is physically connected to), DYMO Label Software (DLS) for Mac OS X is installed, and that the LabelWriter prints without issue on the local workstation from DLS. Once you've verified those elements, you will need to enable sharing to give other Mac OS X workstations on the network access to the printer. To enable printer sharing, click on the Apple icon and select System Preferences. In the System Preferences window, click on the Sharing icon. Turn Printer Sharing on. Close the System Preferences window. In order to print to the LabelWriter from other Mac OS X workstations on the network, you'll need to add the LabelWriter to the printer list on each workstation you wish to print from.

    • How do I import my addresses into DYMO Label Software v6 or higher for Mac?

      Open DLS. Click on the Address Book menu and select New. In the Save As field, enter the name of your address book and click Save. When prompted to import, click OK. In the From field, within the import dialog box, select the location where the file that you wish to import is located. Click on the file that you are importing and select Open.An address dialog box will appear. In the Fields window, you will see the address format of the exported file you have created. If this is the format you want, click Auto. To alter the format, highlight the line of data you wish to import and click on the arrow button. Click Go. A window will appear indicating that the records have imported successfully. Click OK.

    • How does the add-In for Microsoft Outlook work?

      The add-in works as an integrated feature in Microsoft Outlook. You can print address labels for the current contact, a group of contacts, or all the contacts in your database. Select a contact or contacts within Outlook and click on the LabelWriter icon located on the Outlook toolbar. With DYMO Label Software v8, you can choose to display Outlook contacts on the Address Book tab. Click on the Address Book tab and select Use Outlook Contacts from the Address Book drop-down menu.

    • Does the DYMO Label Software support barcodes and graphics?

      DYMO Label Software supports printing Code 3 of 9, Code 3 of 9 MOD, Code 128-A, 128-B, 128-C, 128-Auto, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, EAN-128, Codabar, ITF-14, POSTNET, and QR. Supported graphic formats include ;BMP, WMF, EMF, PCX, TIFF, JPG, and PNG.

    • Is Address Fixer a CASS certified product?

      No, Address Fixer is not CASS Certified.CASS certification requires more complex software that can process many sequential records and print forms required by the post office.