TIA-606B: Best practice, better business

The Telecommunications Industry Association TIA-606B standard, adopted in 2012, defines a labelling standard that maps each cable in an installation precisely to the floor, telecom room, and patch panel position or block where the cable terminates.

The TIA-606B standard isn?t mandatory, but more and more building owners, end-users and designers are requiring it and specifying it, and more and more Datacom contractors are adopting it as a standard practice.

Investment protection for your customers

For building owners ? your customers ? TIA-606B compliance protects their Datacom infrastructure investment in three imporant ways.
  • Faster, easier, lower-cost troubleshooting, maintenance and upgrades. The TIA-606B labelling scheme lets end-users and contractors identify and trace cables, resolve problems, make moves/adds/changes (MACs) and upgrade equipment in less time, with less overhead. The larger the installation, the greater the time and cost savings.
  • Greater assurance of warrantee protection. Increasingly, designers and end-users are specifying TIA-606B compliant installation as part of their bid requirements.
  • More flexibility and choice. Adhering to labelling standards creates consistency across large installations and multi-campus layouts, giving building owners the flexibility to work with different contractors over the life of the network.

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