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CardScan<sup>®</sup> Microsoft Outlook<sup>®</sup> Add-in

CardScan® Microsoft Outlook® Add-in


Includes the latest version of CardScan® Microsoft Outlook® Add-in feature. The unique Outlook Add-in gives the user the ability to manage contacts directly within the Outlook application!

Free to download, but all end-users of applications customized using CardScan SDK Lite must have individual licenses of CardScan software already installed.


Includes the latest version of the Microsoft Outlook® Add-in feature
Scan contact data directly from buisness cards, or drag and drop contact data from emails, Web pages, and documents
Windows® System Requirements: CardScan® Scanner, Windows® XP/Windows Vista®/Windows® 7/Windows® 8, Pentium® processor or later, 64MB RAM, 90MB available d

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