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CardScan<sup>®</sup> SDK, Full Version

CardScan® SDK, Full Version

SKU: SDK90090

Easily and quickly integrate DYMO® label printing or card scanning into any Windows®, Mac®, Linux® or custom embedded system.

Free to download, but all end-users of applications customized using CardScan SDK Lite must have individual licenses of CardScan software already installed.


For developing standalone applications
You must include a CardScan® scanner or purchase a CardScan software license with each copy of your standalone application
To develop an application, you will need: a compiler and linker compatible with libraries and DLLs generated by Microsoft® Visual C++ v5.0 or later, CardScan® 8.0 or later and Windows® XP/Vista/7/8
To run an application customized using CardScan SDK Full Version, you will need: an Intel-compatible PC with a Pentium® processor, Windows® XP/Vista/7/8, 256 MB of memory and 100 MB of free space on a local hard drive

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