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Compliant labeling made fast and easy

DYMO Rhino labeling tools
Simplify Datacom labeling with DYMO XTL and DYMO Rhino industrial label makers.

Print perfect labels for wraps, patch panels, faceplates and more with one-touch “Hot Keys.”

Patented Rhino “Hot Keys” automatically size, space, align and rotate text to position it perfectly every time. Type your cable identifier just once – then press ‘Wrap’ to label the cable, ‘Panel’ to label the panel and ‘Fixed’ for a fixed-length faceplate label. The ‘Wrap’ hot key even prints the identifier multiple times around the cable, so you can read it without twisting (and potentially damaging or disconnecting) the cable.
Click here to watch Rhino 
5200 overview video.

Comparison chart:

Suggested Labels by Applications:

  • For wire/cable wraps or flags, DYMO recommends IND Flexible Nylon, Heat-Shrink Tube and Vinyl labels.
  • For patch panels, terminal blocks or general surfaces, DYMO recommends IND Permanent Polyester labels.
Click here to watch Rhino 5200 overview video.