How to Print Shipping Labels on eBay™

with your DYMO LabelWriter 450 series or DYMO LabelWriter 4XL Label Printer

You can print two (2) types of shipping labels from within eBay, depending on the LabelWriter printer you use:

2.4" X 7.5" Internet Postage
DYMO LabelWriter 450 Series, Label Printer (450, 450 Turbo, 450 Duo or 450 Twin Turbo)
4" X 6" Internet Postage
DYMO LabelWriter 4XL Label Printer

Before you begin:

  • Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet
  • Follow the instructions in the LabelWriter Quick Start Guide for 'Unpacking your LabelWriter Printer,' and 'Connecting your LabelWriter Printer'
  • Load your labels into the printer. Follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide for 'Loading Labels'
  • NOTE: When using a LabelWriter 450 Series printer, your web browser must be Java™ - enabled.

Six steps to printing the labels:

  • When you receive an order confirmation email from eBay, open it and click the 'Print Shipping Label' button. This takes you directly to the eBay web page for purchasing and printing postage
  • IMPORTANT: Click 'Printer and label receipt preferences' BEFORE you purchase your postage. Otherwise, the resulting labels may be formatted for the wrong printer
  • In the pop-up that appears, choose your printer from the 'What printer are you using?' drop-down menu
  • If you're using a LabelWriter 450 Series printer, choose the matching (and fully compatible) DYMO LabelWriter 400 printer. (For example, if you're using a LabelWriter 450 Turbo, choose 'DYMO LabelWriter 400 Turbo')
  • If you're using a LabelWriter 4XL printer, choose 'Zebra LP2844 4 x 6,' a compatible 4" x 6" printer. Once you choose your printer, click 'Save' to return to the 'Purchase and print postage' page
  • In the Package Details section of the page specify your Carrier, Service, Weight and Additional Options. (eBay calculates and displays your postage cost based on your selections)
  • Click 'Purchase postage.' Review your PayPal® payment method and click 'Agree and Continue'

    NOTE: If Java is properly installed and enabled in your web browser, you'll see several security warning screens. Click 'Run,' 'Don't Block,' or 'OK' in each screen as appropriate.
  • Your label appears in a window onscreen, where you can see the layout as it will appear in print. If the Target Printer displayed above the label image is correct, click 'Print Label' to print your label. (NOTE: The Target Printer should display your actual printer model, NOT the printer you selected from the screen in step 3 on previous page)


Quickly resolve the most common problems when printing shipping labels on eBay.

The label preview screen does not display my label, but tells me I need to install a plug-in.

This means you need to install the Java plug-in, enable it in your browser, and reprint the label:

  • Navigate to // and follow the instructions to install and enable Java in your browser
  • Return to the 'Purchase and print USPS® postage' screen for your order, and click on the 'Order details' link
  • Next to the package shipment details, click 'Reprint.' When the security warnings appear click 'Run,' 'Don't Block' or 'OK' as appropriate. Your label will appear in the preview screen

The correct printer is not listed on my label preview screen.

  • Click the 'open the label window' link. Then click 'Select Target Printer'
  • Select the correct printer from the Available Printer List, and click 'Save'
  • NOTE: This does not always work on the first attempt. If the correct printer still does not appear on the label preview screen, repeat steps 1 and 2 above. If the correct printer does appear but the label preview is inaccurate, refresh the label preview screen.

You must Void this label, then specify the correct printer BEFORE repeating the purchase and the label printing process:

  • Return to the 'Purchase and print USPS postage' screen. Next to the message indicating that you have already printed one or more labels, click the 'Order details' link
  • Next to the package shipment details, click 'Void,' then confirm that you want to void the shipment
  • Return to 'Printer and label receipt preferences.' Choose the correct printer, then continue to purchase and print a new label