Clear and correct labelling creates a safer environment.

Accurate and easy-to-read electrical component labelling is critical for a safe workplace. Proper cable and panel identification not only helps keep workers safe, it also speeds troubleshooting and repairs, and helps to ensure your work adheres to NFPA 70E electrical codes. DYMO has solutions – including DYMO XTL™ label makers and labels – for a range of electrical applications, including heat-shrink tube labelling, pre-sized safety labels, and labels for panel and breaker identification that stay legible and adhere securely for the lifetime of the electrical installation.

Electrical labeling made fast and easy

Simplify Electrical labeling with DYMO XTLTM and DYMO RhinoTM industrial label makers. DYMO XTLTM and RhinoTM label makers make it easy to create professional-looking, industrial-strength labels by automatically sizing, spacing and aligning text. Now, DYMO XTLTM label makers take it a step further, featuring an on-screen color preview so you can review labels before you print.


The easier way to create a safer environment

Promote safety and productivity with labelling.


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Just download the template, open in Rhino Connect™ software, and add text to create labels that fit the equipment perfectly – no measuring required. New templates added regularly.