Bring instant order to your tool crib, parts shop, stock room or shop floors

DYMO Rhino labeling tools

Exclusive DYMO Rhino™ innovations take the repeated keystrokes, the guesswork, and the frustration out of Datacom labeling.

Type less, label faster with 'Hot Keys' and other features

Rhino's patented 'Hot Keys' automatically size, space, align and rotate text for perfect fixed length and vertical labels that give your tool crib or parts shop a professional, organized look – and make parts and tools easy to find, track, shelve and store. Save up to 1000 commonly used labels in memory for reprinting at the touch of a button. Use the serialization feature to automatically generate sequentially numbered or lettered labels, without rekeying.

Click here to watch Rhino 5200 overview video.

Comparison chart:

DYMO Rhino Product Comparison Charts

Count on labels that withstand harsh solvents and petrochemicals

DYMO industrial labels are made from heat-, chemical- and UV-resistant materials – and are backed by industrial-strength, jobsite-tested adhesives that stay stuck in the harshest conditions. They stick permanently even when exposed to the harshest cleaning solvents, machine oils and industrial lubricants.

Suggested Labels by Applications:

  • For tools, parts or other curve surfaces, DYMO recommends IND Flexible Nylon labels.
  • For bins, beams, equipments, outdoor labeling or 5S color-coding, DYMO recommends IND vinyl labels.