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The simplest way to design and print labels

Loftware NiceLabel Cloud is the simplest, yet most comprehensive, cloud labeling solution on the market. It helps businesses of all sizes manage labeling, from label design to print and every step in between.

Main benefits of Loftware NiceLabel Cloud:

  • Be up and running in minutes with minimal IT resources
  • Simply design labels from any computer in any location
  • Securely store and manage labels and data in the cloud
  • Integrate labeling with your product data
  • Easily scale printing across your business

From label template to print - everything you need to manage your labeling with DYMO LabelWriter 550, DYMO LabelWriter 550 Turbo and DYMO LabelWriter 5XL

Go here to find out more about your NiceLabel Designer options: NiceLabel Designers & Desktop | Loftware

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Goodwill Vision Enterprises has a 120-year history of empowering people who are blind.

A social enterprise of "Goodwill of the Finger Lakes" in Rochester, NY.

Goodwill Vision Enterprises provides programs and occupational opportunities to people with significant vision loss.

Goodwill Vision Enterprises offers a range of services, including low vision support, orientation and mobility assistance, vision rehabilitation therapy, and vision wellness.

These services empower individuals who are blind to achieve self-sufficiency in various settings such as homes, workplaces, and communities. Additionally, the enterprise provides employment opportunities through its Contact Center, Food Services, and Manufacturing divisions.

Through a collaboration with DYMO, Goodwill Vision Enterprises has facilitated the creation of employment opportunities in manufacturing and sewing for individuals facing blindness and other employment barriers.

The partnership with DYMO aims to introduce top tier labeling solutions to the Federal market via the AbilityOne program, featuring a co-branded line of SKILCRAFT Dymo Labelers and Labels. SKILCRAFT represents quality products crafted by individuals with blindness. Federal government customers can access SKILCRAFT Dymo products through the AbilityOne Program and its authorized distributors.

  • Click here to learn more about Goodwill Vision Enterprises and how to procure SKILCRAFT Dymo labeling solutions.
  • To learn more about the AbilityOne program visit gflsolutions's website

"As the largest customer of SKILCRAFT AbilityOne products and services the Department of Defense has a unique opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of those who are blind or have other sever disabilities. The Department of Defense's leadership is committed to providing all Americans with disabilities every opportunity to contribute to our great Nation."
- Message from the Deputy Secretary of Defense

Create and grow new jobs for people who are blind by partnering with Dymo brand labelers and labels to bring these easy-to-use desktop, handheld and portable label makers to the federal market as AbilityOne products.

"The career opportunities at Goodwill Vison Enterprises have empowered me and my colleague who are blind to realize their potential while also fueling our success and the success of our business parentship like we have with Dymo".
- Terry Tracy Business Develoment Team

Download gflsolutions's documentation

A One-Stop-Shop Solution for Laboratories of All Sizes

Expand outreach, increase revenue, and streamline operations with ELLKAY's end-to-end platform LKOrbit.

Support business & clinical goals with a cloud-based connectivity platform that eliminates all provider workflow challenges and increases revenue.

Connectivity to support:

  • Demographic, insurance, and clinical data
  • End-to-end orders and results
  • LOINC, test code and insurance mapping
  • Patient self-service for registration and testing
  • Eligibility benefits verification
  • Automatic state reporting
  • Secure delivery of results to patients and providers
  • Surveillance & pooled testing

Ready to level-up your lab? Learn more about how LKOrbit fuels lab growth:

Taylor Makes it Easy to Customize Dymo LabelWriter Labels

Taylor is the Exclusive Provider of Custom LabelWriter Labels.

Enjoy the speed and crystal-clear print quality of DYMO LabelWriter printers — now with labels in custom designs, sizes, materials and packaging options. All of Taylor’s custom label constructions have passed rigorous joint testing to ensure reliable performance.

  • Custom Branding & Designs
    • Showcase your logo, colors and brand messaging on every label.
  • Custom Sizes
    • Choose from a variety of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your needs.
  • Material Flexibility
    • Select the face material, topcoat, adhesive and liner that meet your needs.
  • Digital Print Layout Template
    • Digitally controled print area templates eliminates miss prints in preprinted areas.
  • Digital Revision Control
    • Deactivate a label SKU, ensuring only the latest approved design is in use.

Learn how Taylor makes it easy to customize DYMO LabelWriter labels: